Previous lists: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

The totals: 30 books. 575 Albums. 3 live acts. 57 movies. 39 TV Series.

Changes from last year: -30 books, +462 albums over last year. -34 Live Acts. -6 movies. +13 TV Series.

And, of course, I have a weekly podcast where I go over my media consumption (along with other mundane aspects of being alive).


  • Yeah 2020 can go screw
  • I miss movies in theaters so much. And quality new movies. Thusly I watched fewer movies this year, though not as fewer as I thought. …

This is a method of organizing photos for the average human with thousands of camera phone photos that would like them decently organized on a computer. It is not for professionals shooting 30 MP raw imags. Though honestly it would probably work for them, too, with slight modifications.

This system is Mac+iOS-focused but the important philosophies are just as applicable to Windows and Android.

Principles and philosophies behind my photo organizing system:

  • I don’t want to use a browser cloud interface. …

Note: I wrote this in one go a year ago — March 16, 2019. I petered out towards the end and had a bunch of notes at the end. It was going to eventually be a sort of parody of the nobility someone like me feels about keeping a record collection. Like you’re doing it for the future. And hilarious asides about the importance of saving this obscure 7" or that one (“the world NEEDS this Buddha on the Moon single!”) I didn’t get to the parody part or the self-knowing part, alas. And for obvious reasons now, I’ll never…

Previous lists: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

The totals: 58 books, 31 by women for 53%. 295 Albums. 37 live acts. 62 movies. 26 TV Series.

Changes from last year: -7 books, +26% on proportion of books read by women. +35 albums over last year. +17 Live Acts. +7 movies. -5 TV Series.

And, of course, I have a weekly podcast where I go over my media consumption (along with other mundane aspects of being alive).


  • Media consumption seems to be rebounding some more from the early baby days, except TV. Watching less TV.
  • Reading books mainly written by women is…

In the style of Soderbergh:

BOLD CAPS MOVIES, CAPS TV, Italics Books etc., “Plays Quotes”, “Italic Quotes Short Stories”,Bold LC Albums ,BOLD ITALIC CAPS LIVE SHOWS, [comments in brackets], podcast bold all lower case underlined

1/1 — Teeth of the Sea — “Master,” HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE (re-watch)

1/2 — Phosphorescent — “Muchacho De Lujo, Live @ St Pancras Church,” Phosphorescent — “A Hundred Times or More” HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS (re-watch)

1/3 — The Undoing Project: A Friendship that Changed our Minds by Michael Lewis


When you apply the economics to advertising you learn some interesting things. Things that have profound ramifications for us in how advertising effects us — as individuals and as a society.

There’s been plenty written out there about what advertising means, about how it makes us feel. There have been cultural evaluations, phycological tomes, books written about the brilliant creative campaigns made by the Mad Men and Women of the industry. This isn’t a about how advertising makes us feel. This follows the money. Seems like an obvious exercise, right? You’d think the people who spend more than $200 billion…

Rough totals: 260 albums, 20 live acts (so sad), 55 new movies, 31 TV series, 65 books.

This is about the tenth year I’ve kept this list in one form or another. You can also check out the 2017 list, 2016 list, 2015 list. Before that they were on LJ and that shit is locked so deep it’ll never be found. Except by the Russians.

Changes from last year: 140 or so fewer albums, 25 fewer live acts, 20 fewer new movies, one more book, 8 fewer tv series. Less media consumption in general.

And, of course, I have a…

I’m sorry I was wrong. We all were.*

Last night, as I was falling asleep after a lovely Christmas, a thought popped into my head. I was thinking how lovely the holiday had been, and part of that was because I’d not been on the internet most of the day. Furthermore, most people hadn’t been on the internet all day. And it really made for a better day. …

Digital has ignored the theory of signaling — to the detriment of both advertisers and society. Where a customer is, is crucial.

Photo: Shutterstock

In a column of January of this year, journalist Walt Mossberg relayed a story that probably sounds all too familiar to many publishers:

About a week after our launch, I was seated at a dinner next to a major advertising executive. He complimented me on our new site’s quality and on that of a predecessor site we had created and run, I asked him if that meant he’d be placing ads on our fledgling site. He said yes, he’d do that for a little while. And then, after the cookies he placed on Recode helped him to track our…

The math’s not pretty on digital advertising’s future revenues. That could mean a massive devaluation for both Google and Facebook.

Let’s do a thought exercise.

How much is Google worth? Today, its market cap — the total value of the company — was just over $690 billion. It is the largest media corporation in the world, earning $79 billion on media revenue out of a total of $90 billion in overall revenue. Eight seven percent of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. All the cool stuff you hear about — the self driving cars, Google Fiber, Nest, Verily, Calico Labs, Google Ventures, Google X — made less than $809 million — far less than one percent of total revenues.

And what…

Rick Webb

author, @agencythebook, @mannupbook. writing an ad economics book. reformed angel investor, record label owner, native alaskan. co-founded @barbariangroup.

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