This is a method of organizing photos for the average human with thousands of camera phone photos that would like them decently organized on a computer. It is not for professionals shooting 30 MP raw imags. Though honestly it would probably work for them, too, with slight modifications.

This system…

When you apply the economics to advertising you learn some interesting things. Things that have profound ramifications for us in how advertising effects us — as individuals and as a society.

There’s been plenty written out there about what advertising means, about how it makes us feel. There have been…

Digital has ignored the theory of signaling — to the detriment of both advertisers and society. Where a customer is, is crucial.

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In a column of January of this year, journalist Walt Mossberg relayed a story that probably sounds all too familiar to many publishers:

About a week after our launch, I was seated at a dinner next to a major advertising executive. He complimented me on our new site’s quality and…

The math’s not pretty on digital advertising’s future revenues. That could mean a massive devaluation for both Google and Facebook.

Let’s do a thought exercise.

How much is Google worth? Today, its market cap — the total value of the company — was just over $690 billion. It is the largest media corporation in the world, earning $79 billion on media revenue out of a total of $90 billion in…

Rick Webb

author, @agencythebook, @mannupbook. writing an ad economics book. reformed angel investor, record label owner, native alaskan. co-founded @barbariangroup.

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